So Sorry Mom - Elder Abuse Connecticut to Oregon

Moms death was not a pleasant one:

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Marquis Company, and abuse in Washington County Probate Court, Oregon

 Marquis Company facility in Beaverton, Oregon and their 'caring ways'.  Lock up, Doctor and guardian collaboration, drugged down, woken up in order to be stuffed on caretakers time line then drugged down again....twice a day!  Your organs are taxed to the end limit...finally death...but only on the terms of the most ignorant who definitely have to keep you in house in order to pay the bills on their mega mansions and newest autos.

You be the judge...............

You be the Judge...

This is what happened.  

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If you have questions maybe I could help you.  I've spent 24 years in the area you are either in or heading to.  References supplied upon request.  There are many people who have suffered our current Legal situation in the United States.  This rates in real life elder abuse case studies