So Sorry Mom - Elder Abuse Connecticut to Oregon

Moms death was not a pleasant one:

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Marquis Company, and abuse in Washington County Probate Court, Oregon


  •  Marquis Company facility in        Beaverton, Oregon 

their 'caring ways':

Lock up - Elder

Lock on - Doctor and guardian     collaboration,


Drug down Elder


Wake up Elder in order to stuff with food (on caretakers time line)


Drug down again because now the Elder has too much energy for the facility to take care of them. 

This is done to the Elder three times a day!  

Finally the Elder sercombes the torture to her organs by Gracefully Dying.

The Elders' organs have been taxed to the limit...

Her Will has been squelched, stiffened, ignored for years of lockdown and being fed drug after drug to counteract the last drug.

Finally death occurs...but only on the terms of the most ignorant Nurses, office workers, Managers...

whom definitely have to keep an Elder:

ALIVE and 


in order to keep their job 


 and pay their personal living expenses on mega mansions

 and SUVs!

You be the Judge...


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